PyTravisCI - Just another Travis CI (API) Python interface

Just another Python API for Travis CI (API). It has been meant to fit my needs but in hope that it will be useful to others.

In other words, PyTravisCI gives us a Python interface to interact with the the Travis API v3 or the Travis CI Infrastructure.

It can interact with repositories, jobs, build and almost everything the Travis CI API v3 has to offer.

It can also helps you with the encryption of information and files. Give the interface a variable name and its value and it will gives you what you are supposed to write into your .travis.yml configuration file. Same with the encryption of files and the linting of your configuration files.

Please keep in mind that:

  • this project was meant to be used as “an imported module” than something else.

  • this project has nothing to do with the ruby version of the Travis client and will never have similarities with it

    (except if someone develop a client on top this).

Hava a question ? Fill a new issue!

Have an issue ? Report it!

Have an improvement idea ? Submit a PR!

Every improvement and constructive discussions are welcome!

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